Task 2 – The Induction ‘Zone’ Experience SEG 19-06-20

Skills & Education Group 19-06-20

Your task is to choose one or more Quality Standard impact statements as the starting point for an immersive new online induction experience that gets your learners into the zone. Here are the rules:

  • Even though it’s online, it must be collaborative.
  • It must achieve one or more of the elements in the Induction Quality Standard.
  • Think huge, a caricature of what might be considered normal practice.
  • Money is no object, I’m giving you a blank cheque. This means that your ideas are not allowed to be held back by pragmatic considerations.
  • You’re even allowed to break the laws of physics. You want a time machine? It’s yours. You get the picture..

That said, students must be at home, on their own, and online..

  • Make yourselves laugh with your ideas.

Find an empty row on the form below, add your names, then type directly into the form, or copy and paste from Word.

  • If you see a cursor in a cell, it will be another user, so just choose another cell please.
  • To scroll down the form, click into it and either use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the down arrow on your keyboard. 
  • I’m afraid you can’t type into the form with a mobile phone.