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Making the most of supported independent study sessions

Available in-person.


Supported Independent Study is a 3.5 hour session.

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Many providers timetable independent study sessions for their learners, supported by non-specialist staff. But far too many learners feel these sessions are ‘missable’. Why should they turn up to a session with no specialist teacher? Why can they not just use that time to study at home? What value is there to the learner if they turn up? The results can be poor attendance and a poor learning attitude in the session.

In this Making the most of supported independent study session, delegates will firmly establish the value of their intervention by setting out how they want learners to be different as a result of them. This ‘difference’ should not be thought of as ‘the amount of work the learner get through’, but the additional expert, independent learning skills they develop – skills that will make learners’ courses and lives easier.

Delegates will also pinpoint all of the issues that cause learners to lose their resilience when working in independent study sessions. Finally, they will go on develop solutions that should change the culture in these essential lessons. Further Education is not about spoon-feeding learners information. it’s a period of maturity in which learners learn how to learn – to become expert at learning and independent of teachers.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • define the learning behaviour challenges they wish to overcome
  • analyse the root-cause issues behind the symptoms of learners’ low enthusiasm and/or engagement
  • set out the expert learner traits they wish to develop in their learners
  • use and complete an aspirational target-setting tool
  • produce an implementation plan for each of the teaching strategies with which they have experimented
  • reflect on a range of pedagogic process they may wish to use in their own work

What the delegates say

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