Education technologies

This section of the site was originally commissioned in 2010 by Becta – the lead agency in the United Kingdom for the promotion and integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in education. Its main purpose was to help inspectors understand what new technologies they may come across in the classroom. However, from the many training sessions CCQI has provided recently, it is clear that there is still a two-tier workforce in the learning and skills sector: those confident with blended learning, and those who know very little about it. So we’re publishing this work for the first time to help any teachers that are keen to break their molds.

The format is quite interesting:

  • What is it?   Short description
  • What does it look like?   A few images and illustrative text
  • Where in the learner’s journey are you likely to come across it?   Complete with suggested learner-journey search terms.
  • How can teachers, trainers and learners use it?   Explanation and examples of the benefits.
  • What impactcan it have on learning?   Both the positives and the negatives; key information to help you determine if it’s worth investing your time.
  • What are the safeguarding implications?   Takes much of the effort out of this essential question.
  • For which Common Inspection Framework (CIF) evaluative statements could it generate evidence?   Whilst these are taken from the Ofsted 2009/12 CIF, there is still a great deal of value in looking at this section.

And finally:

  • Find out more   Links to help you explore further.

Also, 10 of the 12 technologies discussed are accompanied by short two-minute videos whetting your appetite for further reading.

Do use the Contact form to let us know what you think. If you find these useful, we’ll look into updating the CIF section and adding more technologies.