Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

The proactive development of independent learning skills

Available in-person or online.

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Typical inspection issues

  • Too few teachers plan lessons carefully enough. As a result, students do not make fast enough progress.
  • Teachers and assessors do not use the information they have of learners’ prior skills and knowledge, or of the progress they make on their courses, to ensure that learning is demanding.


3.25 hour interactive online training session.

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Imagine a class full of expert, independent learners who love learning. Teaching heaven? A challenge many teachers face is believing the above to be unattainable, and so spend their days dealing with whatever learners they’re given as best they can, rather than proactively developing the learners they ideally want.

If you’d like to look at a strategy for producing your ideal learner, then this session may be able to help. We’ll look at the expert learning skills you wish all learners had, and then look at the precise art of writing the learning outcomes that will enable you to develop them. When all three components of a learning outcome are correct, and when all three types of outcome are covered regularly (Brain, Body and Attitude) you cannot help but change your pedagogy to achieve them.

For too many teachers, the approach to lesson planning is to focus on the ‘stuff’ they want to get through, rather than how they want learners to be ‘different’ as a result. Working with expert, independent learners may feel like utopia, but it is definitely not unattainable.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • identify the independent learning traits they wish to develop in their learners
  • write examples of learning outcomes focused on the development of learners’ independent learning skills
  • write learning outcomes focused on the development of cognitive skills, physical skills and attitudinal change.

What the delegates say

For an overview of feedback on this session, please click here.

These comments can be invaluable when generating curiosity about forthcoming training.

  • Lots of Eureka moments and pennies dropping – everything made sense.   Abingdon and Witney College
  • Loved the idea of creating curiosity in my learners from the outset, encouraging them to learn outside the lesson.  Leicestershire Adult Learning Service
  • I was on an island and a boat passed by and picked me up.  New College Nottingham
  • As a new tutor I struggle to develop lesson plans. This session has opened my eyes.
  • Cannot wait to try out lots of new ideas.  New College Nottingham
  • I hadn’t realised the importance of setting outcomes that challenge skills to be an expert learner.
  • (I need to) completely change the way I address lesson plans.  North Lindsey College
  • Bubbling like Prosecco!  Sussex Downs College
  • Excellent session. It was Bleak House, but we now have Great Expectations, and Tony is our Mutual FriendWest Cheshire College


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