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How to be confident to ignore inspection

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3.5 hour interactive online training session.

Publicity information for potential delegates

Inspectors are never an audience, they’re just voyeurs. Everything you do, no matter what your role in further education and skills, is to create unmissable, transformation learning experiences. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to push the voyeurs aside, and an ever-present threat of inspection can cause long-lasting anxiety. This anxiety is often simply because it seems hard to envision what an inspector is looking for.

The overall aim of this Ofsted Ready session, then, is to give back control to practitioners. Through a series of individual practical tasks that build to form an organisation-wide knowledge base, delegates will take on a small research task, the output of which will have great value for them, their learners and the wider organisation. When looking at the these completed tasks, inspectors will find it easy to judge individual’s and organisation-wide Capacity to Improve. The evidence base you generate will show Intent, the impact of this Intent on Curriculum Design, and how you intend to measure Impact.

Please remember, however, that while you’ll delight Ofsted inspectors with your work, they are never your primary audience.

Further information for event organisers

This session is a long way from the countless PowerPoint slides containing dense extracts from Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework that you might expect for a session on preparing for inspection. With current research showing the large numbers of staff leaving, or wanting to leave, our sector, it’s important that any sessions on inspection are motivational, rather than off-putting.

As the session progresses, delegates are introduced to a variety of stimuli from which to choose a theme for their research project. These include strengths and areas for improvement taken from very recent inspection reports as well as some carefully selected key overarching themes. As they are introduced to each theme, delegates are asked to add their initials to every theme of interest, before finally choosing just one to take forward. By long-listing themes in this way, delegates are also showing their interest in the outcomes of their colleagues’ work. This statement of an ‘interest network’ is at the heart of the ‘add a little, take a lot’ quality improvement strategy.

With this structured approach to individual research and a strong emphasis on proactively sharing research learning, inspectors are sure to compliment you on your Capacity to Improve.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • demonstrate the use of research to inform curriculum design
  • cross-reference their quality improvement strategies to the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework
  • use proactive quality-improvement strategies that demonstrate their capacity to improve.

What the delegates say

For an overview of feedback on this session, please click here.

  • It has caused me to change my whole approach to an OFSTED inspection, thank you Tony.
  • Hope is on the horizon.
  • Like opening a book.
  • Very interesting and informative.
    It has given me ideas to use within my own teaching practice.
  • Again Tony delivers a content heavy course with great skill and ease, ensuring all delegates are involved and creating great discussion topics to challenge myself and colleagues.

These comments can be invaluable when generating curiosity about forthcoming training.


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