Case studies on innovation through sharing

Adult Enterprise

The Adult Enterprise project has produced an innovative new series of qualifications for adults who want to become entrepreneurs. But how easy is it to harness the expertise of nine disparate organisations from inside and outside of the sector?

Solent lesson 71x100Science curriculum innovation

Creating unmissable learning experiences takes time and energy. So if you’re pretty much on your own in your department, you’ve almost certainly got your work cut out providing consistently outstanding teaching and learning. Or have you? Read more to find out how the Solent sixth form colleges solved the problem.

ACBNU small 71x100Creating parity of esteem for work-based learning

Aylesbury College and Buckinghamshire New University have joined forces to turn Cinderella work-based learning provision into a valued and essential career path for the 21st Century. Will it really work? And what could you learn from their unique approach?

Lean 1 front page 71x100Quality improvement using Lean and Six Sigma

Three London colleges decided to get together to improve the efficiency of four of their key processes. They also wanted to improve the quality of what they did — and save some money too, if they could.


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