Excellence in the Arts: Beyond the comfort zone

AMP-website-advert5Excellence in the Arts: Beyond the comfort zone looks at how to run an outstanding college department.

The film is based on an examination of five college Arts departments, though the messages and strategies translate to all subject areas. The narrative brings to life the whole of the learner’s journey, including the key themes of:

  • immersive induction
  • creating ambitious interdisciplinary projects, and
  • setting high expectations.

How do you make sure no learners leave during the first two months of their course? Just how high should your expectations be? And how do you achieve 100% A-level success rate at grade A with over 100 students every year?

Many colleges have re-evaluated their expectations after viewing this film.

The DVD costs £15 plus £2 p&p. Please forward your email order including postal address and purchase order number through the contact page. An invoice will be included with your order. Alternatively, you can buy-it-now using the PayPal button below.

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