Completing the assessment portfolio

Information for pilot users

Thank you very much for taking the time to review this short portfolio-building training resource.

Too many trainees are not clear on how to build their portfolio without errors, so costing both the trainee and their assessor valuable time and energy. These errors include:

  • insufficient understanding of portfolio structure
  • issues with unique reference numbers for individual pieces of evidence
  • the confident setting of pieces of evidence against all appropriate performance criteria (PCs), including, where appropriate, PCs from different units
  • using unit specifications and PCs creatively to plan evidence gathering independently of their assessor
  • creating a portfolio that is easy for all parties to navigate
  • using a wider variety of evidence with which to demonstrate range and scope.

Our hope is that this short training programme will save trainees and assessors a great deal of ‘preventable contact’ time, and increase the engagement, enjoyment and fulfilment of completing their qualification.

Please download the workbook and work through the six short sections. We would be grateful if you could also read and (particularly for trainees) complete the short tasks at the end of each section in the workbook. At the end, there is a Memory Survey as part of the resource, and also a brief Pilot Survey, which is designed to formalise your feedback to the development team. The total running time of the videos is just 16 minutes. You may wish to note down feedback comments as you work through the resource.

Please note that a full transcript of the video narration and the four example forms can be found in the workbook, to aid reflection. Everything is contained in this one webpage. Please make a note of the time when you begin using this resource, so that you can see how long you have spent on the training.

Thank you very much, from Tony and the development team!

To proceed, please email to register your interest and I will send on the password to access the resource page. We just need your:

  • organisation name
  • role, and
  • email

so that we know you are a genuine collaborator in the pilot and so we can contact you with the overall results to which you will have contributed.

We will not use your data for any other reasons and will not share it with any third-party organisation.

Best wishes


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