Session title: Data Springboard

A tool to identify the hair-trigger indicators of underperformance

Typical inspection issues

  • Managers and teachers need to monitor students’ progress closely and intervene quickly when students are at risk of not completing.
  • Leaders and managers do not check rigorously the progress that apprentices make. Consequently, interventions for apprentices who are underperforming are not always made as quickly as for 16 to 19 study programme or adult learners.


Half-day session.

Information for event organisers

The Data Springboard is designed to challenge the perceived data hierarchy in education and training. Retention and achievement rates simply tell the story of learners who have left. Any quality improvement information derived from this analysis cannot benefit the learners on whom the data was collected. Using the Data Springboard, staff drill down through progressively more reactive layers of data to find their most suitable hair-trigger indicators of underperformance – the very first signs that a learner is becoming at risk of underachieving or leaving early.

The session helps staff to articulate the difference between indicators that something may be wrong and the issues that are causing any underperformance. This information enables them to precisely identify the weakest aspects of their provision and develop SMARTI actions that impact on learners who are on programme now. The session also introduces staff to a powerful development plan and quality improvement tool for managing the resolution of any issues.

Publicity information for potential delegates

Do you sometimes feel there is a little too much bureaucracy in education and training? Or that your hungry management information system feels to be more about accountability than answers? Or that you simply fail to relish the idea of interrogating a set of spreadsheets… Then the Data Springboard might be just the session you haven’t been looking for. Headline retention and achievement statistics, the bedrock of traditional self assessment, are the weakest streams of data for on-going quality improvement. So how can the Data Springboard and the job of a football manager help you identify a rich seam of information that will make a difference to you and your learners now?

This session will enable delegates to:

  • identify low-level data relevant to their learners and set out a monitoring strategy
  • use the Data Springboard to investigate and set out the indicators of disengagement
  • use the Data Springboard to challenge their approach to curriculum- and organisational-level quality improvement:
  • write valuable and responsive targets and milestones using volatile data to monitor the impact of quality improvement work
  • monitor the relative performance of subgroups.

What the delegates say

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Half-day session. Typical uses in a staff development day include:


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