Session title: The CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy

Creating and capturing the right learning conversations.

Typical inspection issues

  • Managers do not analyse weaknesses accurately and identify specific actions for sustained improvement. As a result, the self-assessment report and quality improvement plan are not precise enough.


Half- or full-day session.

Information for event organiser

Traditional, historical self assessment can often be distorted by staff feeling they need to overly focus on ‘what they do well’, at the expense of discovering what is holding them back from delivering outstanding, transformational learning experiences to all their learners. The CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy is a process for choreographing the right learning-conversations, supported by simple forms, to guide and capture the learning. Ideally, this session should be preceded by Preparing for Live Self Assessment, which teaches delegates the writing skills required for any self-assessment system.

In this session, delegates are inducted into the ideas and practices of self assessment using ‘captured learning-conversations’. They will understand why it is important never to attempt to resolve an adverse ‘symptom’ directly, and practise the identification of the issues that are at their root. With root-cause issues established, delegates will go on to articulate the negative, missing or unintended impact they are having on learning: the essential starting point for any development plan. Finally, delegates will look ahead to the most creative part of the self-assessment process, the production of the development plans that will resolve their issues and move their provision forward.

This session includes access to the CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy and all of the documents needed to run the process.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • enjoy the process of self assessment, capturing essential learning from their evaluative conversations
  • focus positively on the identification of the root-cause issues that are holding provision back from being outstanding
  • capture the strengths in their provision for the benefit of the whole organisation.

What the delegates say

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The CCQI Self Assessment Strategy is a half- or full-day session. If taken as a half-day session it would combine well with the following courses in a staff development day:


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