Online & in-person training

Many of the CCQI sessions are available both in-person and online. Please check individual sessions for more details.




Self Assessment


For other face-to-face sessions yet to be re-written for online, please see here.

For more details, please get in touch here.

What the delegates say:

  • A whirlwind of excitement of new ideas.
  • I really enjoyed today, and I enjoyed doing it online meeting others from around the college. Tony was very welcoming and made you feel at ease discussing your thoughts.
  • Many thanks for another fabulous training session. Always so much to think about and an enjoyable experience. Well done on the technology for your card games and the Breakouts!
  • Those three hours did seem to flyby and group work remotely is possible!
  • The idea of wanting to bring about change in an individual rather than merely ticking off a checklist of activities. Interesting to consider how we see ‘outstanding’ and how this can adjust how well we evaluate what we do…
  • I feel that the session has provided me with a new perspective on induction. Because of the ‘tick off the checklist’ type induction that is usually run, induction always has always felt like something to be endured before the ‘real’ stuff begins. This session has made me realise that an (extended) induction period can be crucial in helping learners.
  • Very cleverly put together.