Teaching and learning

A natural consequence of doing a job repeatedly is to relax into a comfort zone. This can be particularly true for people who feel they are good at what they do; so sometimes you have to rock the boat a little..

Indicators that teachers might be becoming too comfortable with their approach may include statements such as:

  • ‘students aren’t as bright as they used to be…’
  • ‘students’ literacy skills seem to be getting worse every year…’
  • ‘students today don’t seem to be able to concentrate for very long…’

Arguably, none of the above are true. The more likely explanations are that the emphasis on every learner succeeding is significantly greater today than in the past, and that the teacher may not have realised the extent to which the paradigm for learning has shifted.

It takes strong personal awareness, skill and practise to help every learner succeed, and part of the new learning paradigm is learners’ lack of tolerance for boring predictability and the passive acquisition of knowledge. Learners’ concentration now needs to be grabbed with curiosity, discovery and revelation. But above all, learners must learn how to become independent of their teachers.

In this section, you will find a range of innovative sessions to rebalance your teachers’ perception of their work, to help them create a vision for outstanding teaching, and to produce outstanding learning experiences for all.


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