Lesson observation service (Inspection)

Inspection observations

If required, this service can replicate an Ofsted short-notice inspection. Your requirement may be general or specific, such as focusing on:

  • an individual curriculum area
  • staff in need of support
  • an cross-organisation theme, such as the development of independent learning skills or equality and diversity
  • or a typical Ofsted sample of full curriculum area inspections.

The service includes a thorough, challenging, but supportive post-lesson evaluative dialogue with each observee. These are designed to capacity build the teacher to accurately identify, and subsequently plan for, maximum impact on learning. This avoids the key issue with old-style feedback, and indeed current inspection practice, which all too often results in denial when teachers are graded lower than their own expectations.

You may also wish to build into the programme opportunities for paired observation.

Please also see Transformational Lesson Observation. Aimed specifically at an organisation’s observation team, this training session tests the extent to which observers write about, and then judge, the actions completed by the teacher and learners, rather than the impact of the session on learning. The ultimate aim of a lesson observation system is to enthuse teachers to review and develop their lesson plans before they deliver them. All too often, however, the effect of an observation is to demoralise staff or send them into denial about their abilities and the organisation’s real intentions

‘The feedback I received after both days from the tutors was really positive and they truly appreciated your warmth and your coaching style.’  Bolton Adult & Community Learning


To discuss your requirements in detail, please phone or drop us a line.

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