Session title: HoT Learning – The Hierarchy of Teaching & Learning

A model to help teachers understand the difference between good and outstanding


HoT Learning is a half-day session. Typical uses in a staff development day include:

Information for event organisers

Through carefully structured workshop activities including watching a short film* of an outstanding teacher at work, delegates develop their own Hierarchy of Teaching and Learning to help them understand the difference between a good and an outstanding lesson. Delegates then test their hierarchy against the HoT Learning Model to further refine their ideas. The model and the workshop help to break delegates away from an audit approach to lesson observation and remind them that teaching is an art form measured by its impact on learners, rather than what they do.

Establishing the correct balance between learning and accountability is essential if a teaching and learning observation system is to add value to individual staff and their organisation. If the system is perceived by staff to be fundamentally about accountability and bureaucracy then it may not fully engage them in what should be a rich and treasured learning experience. Tell-tale signs that the system tips away from learning include: a lesson audit form or checklist, the grading of all observations, and a direct link between observations and performance management. The HoT Learning thought process is designed to light the fire for change from within.

Publicity information for potential delegates

Do you look forward to being observed? Does your observation system paperwork help you to deliver an outstanding lesson? Are you confident that you know the difference between a good and an outstanding lesson? Through a carefully structured set of workshop activities, this session will help you challenge your assumptions about what inspectors look for in a great lesson. You will develop a hierarchy of teaching and learning attributes and test your criteria for ‘outstanding’ by observing a short film of a grade 1 teacher at work. Curious?

This session will enable delegates to:

  • reflect on best practice in teaching and learning and set out a statement of what ‘outstanding’ means for them
  • identify the elements of a lesson that make it outstanding
  • develop their own Hierarchy of Teaching and Learning model
  • set out the implications of HoT Learning on their teaching, the observation system and project work.

What the delegates say

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Half-day sessions. Typical uses in a staff development day include:

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* ArtsWork – a 60-minute documentary on outstanding teaching. Includes three outstanding lessons as extras on the DVD.