Session title: 21st Century Pedagogy

Making the development of independent learning skills a reality

Typical inspection issues

  • Too few teachers plan lessons carefully enough. As a result, students do not make fast enough progress.
  • Teachers and assessors do not use the information they have of learners’ prior skills and knowledge, or of the progress they make on their courses, to ensure that learning is demanding.


21st Century Pedagogy is a half-day session.

Information for event organisers

One of the greatest paradigm shifts in recent education history is learners’ opportunity to teach themselves. The information teachers imparted to their learners in the past is now cheap – a quick ‘OK Google’ and the answer can be in the palm of your hand. From practise driving tests, to stained glass techniques, to understanding how to use statistical equations, it’s all just a click away.

But whilst the tools for learning are freely available, they’re as easy to switch off as they are to switch on; so our job as educators and transformers is as valid and important as ever. Whatever the subject, whatever the investment in terms of time commitment, learners need to develop the ability to learn independently. Counterintuitively, this isn’t simply a case of sending them off to work by themselves or giving them homework. So what are the independent, expert learner traits, and how do we develop them in our learners?

In this session, delegates will look in detail at the traits of an expert/independent learner and how to capture these in catalytic learning outcomes. They will practise writing outcomes with the three essential components: label, verb and outcome, as well as the three different types of outcome, focused on developing: brain, body or mind. Only when the learning outcomes are precise, can the teaching and assessment strategies be guaranteed to make the difference required.

Publicity information for potential delegates

Imagine a class full of expert, independent learners who love learning. Teaching Utopia? The problem with many teachers is that they believe the above to be as likely as a lottery win, and so spend their days dealing with whatever learners they’re given as best they can, rather than proactively developing the learners they want.

If you’d like to look at how to live your dream, then this session may be able to help. We’ll look at the expert learning skills you wish all learners had, and then look at the precise art of writing the learning outcomes that will enable you to develop them. When all three components of a learning outcome are correct, and when all three types of outcome are covered regularly (Brain, Body and Mind) you cannot help but change your teaching strategies to achieve them.

For too many teachers, the approach to lesson planning is to focus on the ‘stuff’ they want to get through, rather than how they want learners to be different as a result. So in this session, we will also look at how curiosity and the Formula for Happiness can fundamentally change the way you approach the creation of unmissable learning experiences.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • identify the independent learning traits they wish to develop in their learners
  • use their understanding of learning outcomes to write low- and high-level examples to develop learners’ independent learning skills
  • identify a target lesson and write new learning outcomes focused on the development of independent learning skills
  • be motivated to explore and practise the writing of curiosity-based learning outcomes.

What the delegates say

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21st Century Pedagogy is a 3.5-hour session. This session would combine well with the following courses in a staff development day:


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