Session title: Wiki Wonderland

Learners will create perfect lesson notes and never hand their written work in late again


Wiki Wonderland takes 1½ to 2 hours.

Information for event organisers

Wiki Wonderland was born out of the work on using ‘curiosity’ introduced in HoT Learning. The routine goes something like this:

‘Has anyone every had a learner hand written work in late?’ Everyone raises their hand.

‘Would anyone be interested in a fool-proof solution that will mean learners will never, ever hand their written work in late again?’ Everyone raises their hand and laughs at such a thought.

Within the HoT Learning session, this is used to illustrate how easy it is to gain the complete attention and engagement of learners when they’re made curious. Wiki Wonderland was designed as a follow-on session to give delegates the answer – the full answer. For many teachers, particularly those who have been teaching for a long time, the solution requires both a culture and a concept shift. To make this easier, delegates need to fully understand why learners hand written work in late. The truism that learners are just lazy rarely lasts more than a few seconds into a debate that reveals some uncomfortable home truths and seemingly insoluble issues… But solvable, they indeed are.

Not only will learners never hand their written work in late again, the key purpose of the extended written assignment is recaptured – turning it from the production of a piece of written work, to a clear focus on an extended learning experience. It can even help prevent plagiarism. Depending on the provider’s learning platform, this session can include hands-on experience of setting up a wiki.

In the final part of the session, we tackle a second fundamental and perennial issue – getting learners to take perfect lesson notes. All too often, a learner’s note taking ability on entry to a course develops little over its duration. But there is a way to not only develop this life-skill, but to provide all learners with perfect notes from which to prepare for assessments.

Publicity information for potential delegates

Ever had a learner had written work in late? Imagine a world where that would never happen again.. ever.

In this era of squeezed guided learning hours, do you really have the time to tackle school-legacy issues such as poor note taking? Imagine a world where all of your learners created perfect notes from which to prepare for their assessments..

For many, Wiki Wonderland is a paradigm shift they didn’t know could happen.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • develop a strategy that will stop their learners handing written work in late ever again
  • change the focus of written assignments from the production of a piece of written work to an extended learning experience
  • prevent plagiarism
  • develop a strategy to help learners create perfect lesson notes and increase their chances of success.

What the delegates say

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These comments can be invaluable when generating curiosity about forthcoming training.


Wiki Wonderland takes 1½ to 2 hours. Typical uses in a staff development day include:

Wiki Wonderland (group 1) Wiki Wonderland (group 2) Wiki Wonderland (group 3)
HoT Learning Wiki Wonderland
HoT2 – Techniques for engaging learners Wiki Wonderland
‘Yes, we’re all individuals’ Brian, 1979 Wiki Wonderland
Independent learning Wiki Wonderland
Equality and diversity Wiki Wonderland


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