How to ask for insightful feedback

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Feedback on my training events keeps me going. I obviously love the good feedback, as I’m sure we all came into education to make a positive difference, but I also love when a delegate takes the time to offer thoughts about how I might improve the experience for future delegates. Today’s blog is to share a way of getting really colourful feedback that gives a real insight into a delegate’s learning experience. Have a look at these from last week’s […]


It’s time to look at the design of your self-assessment system

For many providers, November is the time of year for putting to bed their long and involved self-assessment process. Staff are happy that they’ve finally got through the panel interrogations, the quality manager has advertised the annual programme of QIP review dates, and all is well with the world. But is it? The self-assessment process can go wrong at so many stages, from the culture that surrounds it, to the precise words used in its text. Here are a few […]


Isn’t it a bit too late for self-assessment training?

Actually, no. Arguable, there’s no better time in the year than right now for a cold, hard look at the system you’ve been using. Self-assessment training for managers and system architects Wednesday November 4th. 09:00 – 12:15 – Online The main question, as ever, is: is your system working? Is it a process loved by staff, one that promotes research, creativity, experimentation and evaluation? Or is it just another form of accountability inspection? There are a lot of part-time inspectors […]