An alternative approach to target setting

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This Wednesday at 1pm, in the penultimate open, online training session, we’re going to be looking at The Art of using Target Setting. I know, I know – not the sexiest of subjects. It’s the sort of session many delegates are sent to rather than sign up for willingly, but it does have a twist..

Is the first thing you thought of when you read ‘Target Setting’: SMART? Here’s my hypothesis: the reason so many staff and learners find it hard to write transformational and motivational targets is because of this acronym, not because people don’t understanding it. We’ll be opening the session by looking at the very real issues that each step of the acronym creates.

While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with SMART, in practice it prevents people from writing the most important targets – whether it’s learners in their learning plans, or staff in their personal development plans. This is just one of a number of key issues with target setting that need to be understood before a solution to this perennial problem can be found.

In the session, we’ll go through all of the issues that make this subject poor and a chore (some of which you may be surprised by) and end with a wonderful alternative to SMART that was developed by a provider I worked with for a number of years.

Here’s what others have said after the session:

  • ‘Watching a favourite film which has never been remastered in colour. I can now see the screens properly.’ Blackpool Adult Learning Service
  • ‘It was like finding a beautifully grained piece of timber.’ Bolton College
  • ‘Bacteria to amoeba to fish to lizard to dinosaur to bird.’ Chesterfield College
  • ‘Previously missing the target but now hitting bulls eye.’ City College Peterborough
  • ‘Blinkers – removed.’ Coleg Cambria
  • ‘Like opening an old book and realising you never really understood what it meant.’ JTL Training
  • ‘Like cracking a code.’ Yew Chung Education Foundation (China)

And this one (it’s hard to hang on to the fact that this was written about Target Setting):

  • ‘It’s soooooo interesting, enjoyable and engaging. Loved it.’ Liverpool Adult Learning Service

Many more feedback thoughts here:

Session details and booking instructions here:

Do please join us if you can and tag any of your colleagues who might be interested, and/or share with your own networks if you’re able. Wednesday 7 June, 1pm. Hope to see you then!

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