Barnet and Southgate College

Assessment & the Art of Lazy Teaching

  • Felt I was opening up a new box of chocolates and discovering new ‘flavours’ of assessment techniques and teaching strategies.
  • “Love your resources especially the edtech tools used during the session. Can you please share your guide on how to use prezi video in online sessions? Loved how this was used in your session.
  • It was an onion – slowly revealing its layers and usefulness in flavouring my dishes!
  • The learning strategies and utilising them to enable students to regularly evaluate their own progress and learning. It’s key to everything we do.
  • Finding the hidden treasures.
  • I have discovered new and also forgotten techniques, strategies that I could implement in my classes to empower learners, reinforce critical thinking. I think that critical thinking is the key
  • Really enjoyed the session, great interactive session.
  • A range of ways to develop the students’ independent learning.
  • What I learnt today was inspiring and sparked some very interesting ideas of how I would like to use some of the strategies I have highlighted for further exploration.
  • When I attend trainings I always feel apprehensive as I prefer sessions like this that I can take away ‘goody bag’ let’s say full of ideas. I feel that this session ticked all the boxes! Thanks a lot!

Learning Motivation – designing unmissable experiences

  • Motivated and inspired.
  • Thinking of something the learners can look forward to. It was a very interesting and inspiring session.

Perfecting Progress Reviews

  • Today was like walking along a sandy beach and finding interesting shells to take home and finish covering my gift box for my personal tutors and students.
  • It’s provided me with a springboard to set standards for our progress reviews, instead of looking at just the process. I tend to focus too much on the process. Also I felt the way you designed and delivered your session was very developmental and I will take you techniques on board.


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