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Assessment and the Art of Lazy Teaching

  • Opening my eyes when I didn’t know they were shut.
  • I feel more confident about being more creative with my lessons and am excited to support my students to develop expert learning traits, not just learning outcomes based on assessment criteria. Leaving feeling very inspired!
  • It was like entering an art gallery and finding yourself staring at 50 masterpieces, each worth the time to study it.
  • It was excellent. It has changed me as a teacher.
  • I think there needs to be a freedom for lecturers to discover exciting teaching using robust, unique formative assessment. Absolutely fantastic ?
  • An army of ideas that can transform my teaching and the learner experience.
  • A path of discovery to a better me and independent strong learners.
    I will now think about what I am wanting to achieve from my lessons – how I want my learners to grow.
  • Demystifying.
  • Brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed it.
  • When carrying out observations, it will aid me by providing useful tools I can share with colleagues to support their TAL.
  • Love the cards.
  • Blinded by the light. Going back to basics.
  • Freed from the prison of specifications and assessment criteria!

Ofsted Ready

  • A refreshing afternoon.
  • Confidence is being authentic in an approach to quality. Not obsessing on unstable factors.
  • Fantastic opportunity to sit down, discuss and think deeply. Thank you.

Perfecting Self-Assessment Writing

  • From a tiger cub to a hunting tiger.
  • From limited knowledge, this training has given me the skills and confidence to do an SAR & QIP.
  • Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
  • Not to write the SAR for third parties. Strip it all back to the root cause.
  • The best views come after the hardest climb.
  • Ensure the SAR is for the team/strand, not for SMT. Search for the ‘whys’ and ensure the ‘howevers’.
  • Great ideas that I’m keen to explore.
  • Will try to get to the root cause issue.
  • Using a champion for key improvements. Using the SAR as a live document.
  • Mind blown!!. Will need to review everything.
  • Was a journey from having no ideas to something.
  • Found it really helpful!
  • ‘However’. ‘The No words’. ‘Why, why, why’. Don’t be concerned about third parties. Thank you, Tony. Really enjoyable.
  • Learning is like building a house.
  • Ask ‘why’, and not be afraid to put things that are not working.
  • Learnt a lot about SAR & TLA today. Thanks.
  • The session was as good as gold!
  • Will now have more of a focus on evaluative statements, judgements and documenting the issues and symptoms that would lead, if resolved, to the successive judgement categorisation. E.g. Adequate to good, etc.. Also, the QIP and the allocation of targets to demonstrate impact.
  • Very enjoyable and informative day. Thank you.
  • Roller coaster, ie. got it… lost it… got it… lost… Got new format. Excellent.
  • Seek root cause. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Out dept would normally not produce an SAR, but need to complete a British Council SEF. However, approach of issues/symptoms and fixing root causes are very applicable as we are currently growing vertiginously and there is a danger of losing control. This structure will help with that.
  • Consider the issues compared to symptoms. Don’t write SAR on what you are going to do.
  • Overall excellent and thought provoking training. Really enjoyable and engaging.
  • Enlightening. Simpler but more detailed and focused process. Include the whole team to enable them to see the value, and accurately record their thoughts.
  • Approach SAR more positively, encourage team to see in a new light (ownership not for 3rd party audience). SMART isn’t always smart.


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