Boston College

Inspiring Induction Practices

  • I feel that the session has provided me with a new perspective on induction. Because of the ‘tick off the checklist’ type induction that is usually run, induction has always felt like something to be endured before the ‘real’ stuff begins. This session has made me realise that an (extended) induction period can be crucial in helping learners.

Perfecting Development-Plan Writing

  • I found the whole day quite liberating! This was a challenging day, that enabled me to reflect on my own practice and my organisations approach to self assessment and continuous quality improvement.
  • I found the issue and symptom activity particularly useful in helping to drill down to the real problem. I also liked the ‘what does outstanding look like for our college’ discussion, especially for English and math and induction.
  • The practical resources were fantastic and certainly something we will be using further. The whole day was practical, well paced and productive. I came away feeling exhausted, but informed and motivated to apply and build on what I had learnt. Thank you!
  • I would value support from a more strategic perspective on reviewing our college SAR/QIP process. I am keen to attend the online session in October to learn more!


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