Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College

HoT2 – Techniques for engaging learners

  • Ugly duckling to beautiful swan.
  • Homing in on a target.
  • Feel like a surgeon who has just had his scalpel sharpened.
  • Thought I knew a lot about this, but it’s really challenged my thinking about planning for impact and end points.

Perfecting Development-Plan Writing

  • Marching through the pearly gates of development plan writing heaven.
  • My eyeballs have been spruced up a bit (window-cleaned).
  • The emotional aspect is so important to me. It impacts our students considerably & staff and I feel this was clearly acknowledged in your session.
  • I am herding cats in my head (so many ideas)
  • Like watching Brighton win a good game!
  • Walking across the carpet.
  • Icing and a cherry on top of something I quite enjoy already!?
  • I will think about what I need to do rather than look to someone else to solve it. I’ll get the team to explore root causes and a ‘Why tree’.
  • Love the form and the structure. I love data and self-assessment anyway so loads of brilliant ideas.
  • Top class. Ideas very well explained. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt very curious but also excited.
  • As a new member of staff it helped me to think about how to start implementing development planning.
  • I found this very thought-provoking in terms of ‘issues’ / concept – ‘champions’ – ‘celebration’ find a new way of measuring developments.
  • I might focus on idea of ‘learning experiences’ and improve range of mid-year ‘volatile’ data used.
  • Positively uncomfortably challenging / illuminating (can’t do a metaphor)
  • A help up to the clouds (reach)
  • This was very engaging & enlightening.
  • Just about everything – use ‘why tree’ and symptoms and issue approach.
  • Realising there is a carpet to cross.
  • Fog has cleared.
  • I made some notes on root cause issues to build upon which will help me articulate why we want to, for example, implement new software for online payments.
  • Immediately changing agenda and activities re. quality discussions for team meeting.


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