Crosby Training

Assessment & the Art of Lazy Teaching

  • Fabulous session.

Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

  • Being a ‘learner’ and entering into a session which I was quite apprehensive about, this has given me an insight into the values of both ‘engagement’ and ‘open mindedness’ – I like to think that I applied them both…and it paid off!
  • In spite of the initial technology/access issues of a colleague, I think that the tutor coped extremely well with this. I can’t think of any negative terminology that he used – every issue was a ‘challenge’, ‘lesson’, ‘learning curve’ – and I feel that his continued positivity undoubtedly kept me engaged, despite the potential disruption and subsequent negativity that this could easily have caused.

Perfecting Self-Assessment Writing

  • It surpassed all of my expectations and the session ended too quickly. We are revisiting our SAR to revise it and use the advice and strategies he suggested in the session.
  • The session was excellent and the tutor made me wish I was just starting my teaching career!


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