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Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

  • Outstanding experience with excellent takeaway examples to support my professional development and leadership practice. Reimagined!
  • Brilliant! Really enjoyed all aspects and would love more!
  • I will really spend a bit more time on my learning outcomes. In particular how I cultivate more expert learners.
  • Contagious
  • The session has fully transformed the way I think of outcomes – more focus on attitude-based ones!
  • My brain was like a sponge.
  • I felt the session was excellent and will now consider ‘difference’ rather than ‘stuff’ when considering learning outcomes.
  • Created further lightbulb moments for teaching and honing LOs to be smarter.
  • Thank you. Excellent use of NLP.
  • I will put more time into thinking about learning outcomes.
  • It has helped me reflect. I will think more of the learners’ experience and possibilities of improving by thinking more of the difference when writing the outcome.
  • Excellent, thought-provoking delivery creating interest and useful tools.
  • My learning journey today was excellent as I learnt a lot of useful things that I will apply to my teaching practice.
  • Impact of colour.
  • I will now use the coloured approach to designing my LOs and ensuring that LOs are about end – learner.
  • I liked the different use of terminology ie understand – use their understanding.
  • Like putting on a new set of glasses.
  • It has helped me to change my angle and stop presuming everyone will understand at the end of a lesson!
  • It has given me the inspiration to challenge my outcome.

Learning Theorists and the Emotional Learning Journey

  • My brain feels fizzy with ideas! A great way to start a year!
  • Can’t wait to model some of this with trainee teachers. Super.
  • I love that loads of the theories can be applied easily. I am going to try to use a different card every week.
  • The pre-learning technique, perfect lesson notes, barrier removal strategies.
  • More strings to my bow
  • A working machine.
  • Thanks – brilliant, useful session.
  • Try looking at each task from different angles. How they can they improved to maximum effect.
  • Enjoyed this session – found it very valuable.
  • The learner journey has just become a blank canvas.
  • We are all one huge tree (the branches). We looked today at the different theorists (roots) and how these feed / join together to feed the branches (lessons, teachers, learners)
  • Lots of fab ideas: I do, we do, you do, Top Trumps, Taxonomy Teams. Really liked how this was underpinned by a theory. Hugely enjoyable.

Inspiring Induction Practices

  • An oasis in the desert of FE 🙂
  • Helped me to understand what we want from the induction process and how to use the Formula for Happiness to do this.
  • (I need to) redesign the induction process using a ‘zone experience’.
  • Please come back – we need more of these sessions.
  • Big ideas to put into action!
  • (I need to) completely rethink induction – big inter-department project between construction and engineering??
  • Think big and get them enthusiastic from the first moment.
  • Thought-provoking session. Hopefully it will be adapted to the whole college.
  • Poking the bees nest.
  • Back to the year 2000 when I felt free to experiment.
  • Stimulating. Inspiring.
  • Make more structured use of independent learning time, rather than just ‘assignment time’.
  • Be daring, and focus on the learner.
  • As a very passionate leader of my subject, I have found I can often ‘take control of the mouse’ – this must stop.
  • It was like sitting up a fell, looking out to sea, having drunk two cans of dry blackthorn cider.
  • Whirlwind of ideas.

The Evaluative Conversation – Transformational Lesson Observation

  • It is clear as day when it is shown to you.
  • Can’t have accountability and learning – this has absolutely focused my mind and is so very relevant to my current work.
  • There’s more ways to skin a cat!
  • Good Practice database, creative learning team concept.
  • Really interesting topic and articulated in a great way.
  • “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative”
  • Really informative. Thank you.
  • Good looking at a new way to observe utilising peers, hopefully will create a more relaxed vibe! Thank you!


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