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Assessment & the Art of Lazy Teaching

  • I have another quiver to my bow.
  • Helped me realise that formative assessment is not just a practice for a summative assessment, by identifying learners’ strengths and weaknesses and working to rectify the weaknesses. It is what has changed in the learner, as well as both learner and teacher identifying what needs to be done next.

Learning Motivation

  • When developing SoWs, lesson plans and activities, give higher priority and consideration to what motivates my learners and not what I would necessarily find interesting.
  • Think big and then plan how to modify and adapt the idea into a workable entity
  • Went from a kitten to a roaring lion when sharing ideas.
  • It’s not as difficult as I thought to make learning exciting.
  • Add exciting lessons in known dark weeks. Take lessons outside.
  • Reflect on SOW and plan in more unmissable sessions that are promoted.
  • Caterpillar – Butterflies
  • To give them more to look forward to.
  • Turning the ‘bad lessons’ to be fun and interesting.
  • The main thing is how to change your thoughts and ideas from a linear way of thinking to more expansive and creative.
  • Make learners more curious – leave them on a cliff-hanger.
  • Add more to sessions
  • To teach more using experiences to try and make long-term memory.
  • Think about key parts of the calendar and when to add more.
  • To ensure I keep my sessions engaging and inviting to all learners’ learning styles.
  • Aim high with creativity allowing the learners to find a comfortable level of work.
  • Inventive practice keeps learners engaged.
  • Read case study as a team. Comment on what works, what needs development.
  • Reflect on own practice.
  • To highlight the relevance of tasks in sessions.
  • The excitement of how we can make the subject more exciting and engaging.
  • Motivational.
  • Provide a better learning experience for students.
  • Reflect on my own delivery of work. Really enjoyed the session.

Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

  • A very informative day which I feel has been beneficial and I already have ideas I want to implement.
  • It changed my perception of learners’ behaviours.
  • A rollercoaster of new ideas
  • Identify lulls in class more quickly and assess what I am delivering. Identify better strategies to allow learners to become more social.
  • It’s challenged my thinking on how I write my outcomes.
  • I will definitely look at my own practice and lesson plans and implement my current knowledge.
  • It gave me more ideas of how to produce the correct outcomes with the correct lesson to get the best outcomes of learner.
  • Rollercoaster of learning
  • Think of more fun lesson.
  • Really enjoyed sessions.
  • Exciting.
  • Absolutely helped for future delivery.
  • Meeting with head of department to discuss strategy to move forward.
  • It was perfect, thank you.
  • Fantastic inspiring day.


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