Peterborough College

HoT Learning

  • Will inspire and motivate me to relook at how I plan my lessons.
  • Changed my mind-set towards teaching and learning.
  • Made me want to put things into action soon!
  • Confirmation of my own understanding of a grade 1 lesson which has increased my confidence.
  • Excellent knowledge, interactive, relevant to new teacher.
  • Gave me space and opportunity to actively reflect on my own teaching practice.
  • Next lesson replanned in head while attending.
  • Inspirational new ideas.
  • I found this the most useful and helpful training/workshop the college has ever provided. Ofsted inspection? Bring it on!
  • It was inspiring, awakening and motivational.
  • Inspiring teacher, made us reflect on own practice and realise how to change/improve.
  • I was inspired.
  • A thorough session delivered by an expert in the field.
  • The whole session was enlightening and interesting.
  • The HoT Learning model will be displayed on my desk to support my planning.
  • Going from using a match to using a torch in a dark cave of treasure.

Perfecting Development-Plan Writing

  • Lots to take on board.
  • Moving text to appendix on SAR. Issues and symptoms. Layout of QIP – well paced with lots of activities. I enjoyed it. Need to apply to this year’s documents. Good working with other colleges.


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