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Inspiring Induction Practices

  • Confirmation that there should be ambition in the planning of induction during unique circumstances.
  • Making induction campus based, rather than curriculum based. Making sure it’s not just a checklist and sets of rules. Laying the foundation of the student experience from day 1.
  • The idea of wanting to bring about change in an individual rather than merely ticking off a checklist of activities. Interesting to consider how we see ‘outstanding’ and how this can adjust how well we evaluate what we do…
  • I feel that the session has provided me with a new perspective on induction. Because of the ‘tick off the checklist’ type induction that is usually run, induction always has always felt like something to be endured before the ‘real’ stuff begins. This session has made me realise that an (extended) induction period can be crucial in helping learners.
  • That we need to work as a team to agree on quality standards and steer clear of an ‘induction checklist’ I really like the idea of an extended induction in terms of planning for an event in week 8. I have wanted to put on a play exhibition for some time, I teach vocational Level 1 Early Years and FS English, but there are always barriers. I intend to remove these and just go for it. If I want students to have high aspirations I need mine to be higher too. No matter how enthused I am – September rolls around and I feel helpless in terms of timetabling, timetabling changes, group sizes, late enrollers, that I’m shattered by half term.
  • Having a Quality standard which isn’t about things learners have completed as part of their induction, but linking the impact of the induction to the behaviours students will be able to demonstrate. I learnt what it is like to be a learner in a virtual lesson. Really enjoyed the interactivity and breakout rooms. Gave me hope for delivering lessons online in the future! 2
  • The spider diagram really helped me understand what is lacking in our induction. I am going to get staff together to identify what the outcomes of the induction should be for each criteria.

Perfecting Development Plan Writing

  • ‘Worth its weight in gold’!
  • Lots to change…. the wording of ‘responsibility’ to ‘champion’; linking symptoms to root-cause issues; putting everyone in the college central, either directly or indirectly, to the learner’s success.
  • Looking at the insight to development plans. This will help us to train staff in the understanding of how best to writer their development plan in the future.

Perfecting Self-Assessment Writing

  • I loved the fact that, as a senior manager, instead of being given some high level strategies, I actually got down and into the task that I need to complete in my role.
  • Some really good suggestions and food for thought around content, what not to include and steering clear of non-judgemental statements.
  • New perspective on self assessment.
  • How to write a SAR that has real purpose and meaning and ignore the Ofsted guff whilst writing it , also using the ‘So What’s? and keep the document open all year round.
  • The fundamental importance of learners’ 7 steps, especially the induction phase.
  • My goodness so much. I will now spend time evaluating last years SAR to decide how to use this experience to produce this year’s SAR so it is useful and meaningful.
  • This session was outstanding, and just makes me realise how much more I have to learn and to improve in our current SAR.
  • Significant amount to consider with the team – review of training to be undertaken with Curriculum Managers where grades are potentially written well but no ‘however’ to ensure development.

The CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy

  • Going on a walk and reaching a fabulous view point.
  • I was blind, but now I see.
  • Will try again to ensure there is an ongoing process. Like the idea of Champions, rather than responsible. Will use the idea of the learner journey as the basis of the self assessment process rather than the EIF.
  • As someone who is new to this process, it will help form my approach to SAR. On a side note not, I also learnt other elements of the education process.
  • Was really happy with the quality of the training today, especially at such a low cost. As a small ACL cost often prevents us accessing these events and the value for money we have had today has been excellent!


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