Assessment & the Art of Lazy Teaching

  • Absolutely illuminating.
  • Just a complete pleasurable experience. All 4 sessions – what L&S sector should be about.
  • Amazing. Attitudinal learning outcomes. Engaging and fun-filled day.
  • Inspirational session. The 50 Shades of Assessment was a great activity and the group work. I am going to use many strategies learned today.
  • Challenging. A number of strategies I feel could be adapted and form part of the assessment visit and the review itself.
  • Engaging. The attitudes to learning a variety of assessment methods, not just formative. Thank you ?.
  • Inspired. Loved ‘Trick Questions’ & ‘Meerkat’. Enjoyed the day.
  • Inspiring. Different assessment strategies such as Meerkat
  • Moments and Silent Minute. Really enjoyed the card game.

Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

  • This session has definitely made me think about the wording of my outcomes and can’t wait to amend my existing lesson plans.
  • I am now more aware of the language I can use to motivate learners and how sessions can be improved.
  • It has made me think about the wording I use on sessions plans and do feel they need to be changed which I will actually look at doing.
  • This session has opened my eyes to how I write actions for individual learners and how I can promote independent learners. Thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking.
  • Inspiring. Look at developing attitudes within the outcomes.
  • Inspirational. Support teaching and training staff to complete research lesson.
  • Inspirational – breath of fresh air. Include objective for attitude development. Excellent.

Ofsted Ready

  • Inspirational. Enjoyed interactive activities – will use these going forward.
  • Enjoyed evaluating provision and how to set up the working groups.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you.
  • Brilliant. Feel more enthusiastic, will be looking at ways I can better support the learners.
  • Really have totally enjoyed both sessions.
  • Thought provoking. The use of aspirational language. How to make the learning environment memorable. Gamification into teaching.
  • Mind opening session.
  • It made me realise the gaps I need to fill in and improve the approach.
  • Thought provoking. Look into the ‘project’ – could it be integrated?
  • Enjoyable and thought provoking.
  • Interesting and inspirational.
  • Making the delivery of the childcare level 2, 3 & 5 more memorable and learner-led.
  • Journey of a million miles starts with a single step.
  • How to create memorable events to help learners retain knowledge/skills.
  • Committing to research themes and researching these areas so we can come together as a team and make a difference.
  • Really enjoyable day – hope to take some good practice away to prepare for our inspection.
  • Michelangelo quote. Tony’s Dreamweaver teacher. Blendspace. Connectivism: add a little, take a lot.
  • Awesome stuff, thank you.

Perfecting Progress Reviews

  • Like climbing a mountain, reaching the top you get a great sense of achievement.
  • Need to meet with other leads to discuss changes that will better reflect learner aspirations, progress, development etc.. Thank you for a great session.
  • Inspiring.
  • Definitely looking at wording on reviews and layout of reviews.
  • An enjoyable experience. How to encourage learners to take ownership of the progress.
  • I enjoyed the use of the interactive resources.
  • An exciting session, very interactive.
  • It was good to compare our work/ideas with other providers’ ideas.
  • Thought changing. Encourage more input from the learners.
  • Inspiration and motivation leads to success!
  • Barrier identification has got me thinking. I’d like to see this included in reviews.
  • Sunshine through the EIF clouds.
  • I want to ensure the review questions are open and not data – or otherwise focused – beyond the learner’s experience.
  • Excellently thought provoking – Excited for the difference it will make.
  • Learning is a spark that lights the flame.
  • Particularly like the barrier identification. Really inspiring session, thank you.


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