Workforce Training Services

Data Springboard

  • Tony’s enthusiasm for the subject was easy to soak up.
  • I took a drink at the font of knowledge.
  • I am a fish that has climbed to the top of the tree!
  • The scales fell from my eyes.
  • Making sense out of chaos.

Live Self Assessment (Quality Standard Development)

Stage 1

  • Have confidence in delivering an SER which is intended for my own organisation and front line staff and not a third party.
  • I thought it would be a walk in the part, but it was like climbing a mountain.
  • Tested, challenged but enthused.
  • I now understand what is needed in writing a self-assessment report.

Stage 2

  • Like eating a succulent steak, savouring every small bite.
  • Very intense two days, but a very worthwhile experience as real live work has been produced.
  • We feel that drawing this (quality standard) up ourselves rather than having thrust upon us has given us much more understanding and a feeling of ownership.
  • Very hard work, but ended up well.
  • To have it (quality standard) in a working document is excellent.

Stage 3

  • This session made me feel it was a company approach and not an individual approach.
  • It made me look at things in a different way.
  • A Road to Damascus experience.
  • No more written narrative – just judge myself against the ‘gold standard’.

Creative Learning Teams

  • Door-opening experience.
  • Use questions to encourage own learning. Don’t ‘direct’ feedback.
  • I will try to use coaching and prompting more in my lessons.
  • Picked up some really good teaching methods from the other tutors. Found it really interesting and challenging.
  • Saw things I would never have looked for in my lessons.
  • A very worthwhile exercise which can only improve the learning impact of the organisation.

The RED System

  • I really understand what it is all about – impact on learners. Did they cross the carpet?
  • Real eye-opener.
  • The coaching on how to ask a question to a teacher to try and pry out the positive/negative impact on learning…
  • A change in perception of what it is to effectively observe. Rather than my opinion or judgement, a move to open discussion on how to improve, i.e. the observation is a means to facilitate discussion.

Tools for Online Engagement & Blended Learning

  • Teaching is gardening.
  • In my new role I will be able to use the tools I gained in the session to disseminate to other staff with the hope of improving teaching and learning across the organisation.



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