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Assessment & the Art of Lazy Teaching

  • I feel like I have climbed a hill – but instead of pulling the students up behind me – they are along side me, if not in front of me on this journey and, by the way, at the top of this hill is the best and most beautiful landscape – that is where the students are heading whilst I sit at the top of the hill for a little rest.
  • Change is what I take away, having the confidence to combine different assessment strategies and fully utilise their purpose. Also all the new concepts such as ‘dislocating’ the student and attitudinal change, and best of all – the use of those meerkat moments.

Data Springboard

  • Thoughts buzzing!
  • Wiki – excellent idea to be attempted.
  • Inspired with ideas to change assessment and learning.
  • Like stepping off the merry-go-round long enough to see what it could be like.
  • Feel inspired and excited about the new term.

Inspiring Induction Practices

  • Extremely inspiring session.

Learning Motivation

  • I was in the undergrowth of my garden all over again at the start of this session – by the end of it I had a glass of wine in hand, smiling.
  • I become even more motivated to make my students proud of what they can achieve, and to be able to have a chat in the breakout rooms is great as it gives a succinct amount of time to talk about specifics of a subject – brilliant. I am now going to take on January like never before and the students are going to get a wonderful surprize – just haven’t decided exactly what yet but it is going to be great!
  • It is really great to hear other people’s idea’s and get to talk to others who are just as committed and passionate about education – blooming wonderful.

Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

  • I’ve walked into a whole new way of thinking and creating lessons!
  • I feel much clearer on how I will create lessons that are suitable and appropriate for the levels of learners I teach. I am going to work on creating learning outcomes that include the attitudes and the ‘expert learner traits’ as they are often what my learners lack.
  • Thanks very much for a really thought-provoking and interesting session!

Perfecting Development Plan Writing

  • The little boy has his finger in the hole but he needs to rebuild the dyke!
  • It gave me an insight into your ideas about this topic and it will help me in my task of changing the college. As discussed with Tony, I am learning from him and hope to share/collaborate as part of York’s journey to a new way of doing QI.
  • It was brilliant.

Perfecting Self-Assessment Writing

  • The ship is sailing onwards into the distance along the chosen course.
  • It helped me to see the way in which your SA process is new and innovative.

The CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy

  • That feeling when you get new glasses and realise things have been a little out of focus for some time!
  • We have the bare bones of this but we need to find a way to keep the SAR live rather than just the QIP. Currently Improvement Plan is revisited regularly but the Self -assessment element is an annual event, largely conducted by managers. We need a better approach to incorporating individual tutor voices throughout the year.


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