21st Century Pedagogy

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Abingdon and Witney College

  • Lots of Eureka moments and pennies dropping – everything made sense.
  • Opened my mind – again!
  • The three colours of learning outcomes – really tricky to do, but once done (investment) can transform what then happens with learners.

Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council

  • Mind is a whirlpool of fresh thoughts and ideas which need time to impact!

Blackpool Adult Learning Service

  • This was absolutely fascinating!!

Bolton College

  • Had the rug pulled out from underneath established things I’d been taught. The point about inspiring curiosity and not capping expectations has really stuck.

Chesterfield College

  • Teaching an old dog new tricks!

City College Coventry

  • Really helpful. Going to deliver the ‘Sandbox’ to my team.

East Coast College

  • This training should be a session in the teacher training qual and also repeated for tutors biannually/annually. More teachers need to attend this training if we are to overcome TLA.

Knowsley Community College

  • On an education shopping trip to gather loveliness.

Lancashire Adult Learning

  • I feel the session has enabled me to understand the importance of lesson strategy and how objectives should focus on ‘mind outcomes’ – therefore enabling learning to continue through curiosity – fuelling conversation for further lessons.

Leicestershire Adult Learning Service

  • Loved the idea of creating curiosity in my learners from the outset, encouraging them to learn outside the lesson.

Liverpool Adult Learning Service

  • I will revamp my lesson planning and get to grips with my objectives! I will most certainly enjoy making my weaknesses my most valuable assets!
  • I am going to use the summer break to re-find the enthusiasm I started teaching with!

Milton Keynes Council

  • Older and wiser! He came, he saw, he conquered (hearts and minds).

New College Nottingham

  • As a new tutor I struggle to develop lesson plans. This session has opened my eyes on teaching.
  • Cannot wait to try out lots of new ideas.

Northern College

  • Standing at a crossroads, thinking I instinctively know the best way to turn, and having someone point out a different route that I’ve not spotted before.

North Lindsey College

  • Insightful and now eager to complete LP (lesson plan) with more thought – using colour-coding to reorganise my LP.
  • (I need to) completely change the way I address lesson plans.

Plymouth College of Art

  • Connected well to the morning session [Transformational Lesson Observation] and challenged my approach to learning outcomes.

Solihull College and University Centre

  • Breath-taking.

Sussex Downs College

  • Bubbling like Prosecco!
  • Avoid trap of equating ‘doing stuff’ to actually ‘learning’.

West Cheshire College

  • Excellent session. It was Bleak House, but we now have Great Expectations, and Tony is our Mutual Friend.
  • I will read the web-based info again and again.

Wirral Metropolitan College

  • Like being trained to run a 5K in an organisation that has equipped me for a 3-legged race.
  • Value added. Has given me a (much needed) update.


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