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Birmingham Metropolitan College

  • It made me think more about what I was doing and it was interesting to see some of the mistakes I make happen in others’ practice (offering direct early advice rather than coaching) and what I could do to combat this.
  • Good to see my fellow colleagues teach a similar topic and the different ways we all do it. Much more friendly approach to observations and more learning occurred.
  • I found that seeing the other staff’s good practice has enabled me to understand the use of different teaching strategies and their effect on students.

East Coast College

  • Creative, collaborative and inspiring.
  • I have a greater understanding of my own methodology through the eyes of experienced peers – this means a lot to me.
  • Great to receive such a wide range of ‘steals’ from other teachers.
  • It gave me a completely different perspective. I loved the idea of making students curious.
  • Thank you. I feel enriched.

Leeds Arts University

  • The observation of others’ techniques when working on similar goals. The recording of the session raised issues in my ‘unconscious’ questioning techniques I hadn’t previously been aware of.
  • Observing everyone’s sessions under this system allowed for an unexpected and valuable new reading of what was seen. It also has made me reconsider how I encourage students’ engagement.
  • Excited leap forward.
  • The observation process is much more thorough and professionally relevant than a ‘grading’ system.

The Sheffield College

  • It was like wiping a window clean.
  • It gave me the confidence to talk about what I haven’t achieved and what I want to achieve.
  • Consider (lesson) timings more carefully and allow students a little more space to think before responding to questions.
  • Consider desired impacts before establishing strategies.
  • I was able to reflect on my current practice and now know areas to address. I thought it was a fantastic day

Workforce Training (NI)

  • Door-opening experience.
  • Use questions to encourage own learning. Don’t ‘direct’ feedback.
  • I will try to use coaching and prompting more in my lessons.
  • Picked up some really good teaching methods from the other tutors. Found it really interesting and challenging.
  • Saw things I would never have looked for in my lessons.
  • A very worthwhile exercise which can only improve the learning impact of the organisation.

West Cheshire College

  • Filled me with inspiration, helped me get out of a rut.
  • Can’t wait to deliver the next lesson.
  • Difficult at first, but the pieces of the puzzle eventually dropped into place.
  • Assessing impact and observing teachers in other areas was invaluable.
  • Made me look at each section of teaching and how it impacts on each learner.
  • (Must) consider impact more fully when writing learning outcomes and planning sessions.


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