Data Springboard

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Ashton-under-Lyne Sixth Form College

  • It has made us all think about the experience we give to our students and how we can make it better. Inspiring!!!

Belfast Metropolitan College

  • Very thought provoking and unusually enjoyable.

Bexley College

  • Football analogy was great.

Blackburn College

  • Different and informative – I really enjoyed the day.

Cambridge Regional College

  • All staff should receive this training.

Canterbury College

  • Actually useful and practical.

Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College

  • Made me consider issues from a different angle – will change my practice.

Gloucestershire College

  • This was brilliant, if we don’t have any other training this year I’d be happy to wait until Tony can return.

Heart of Worcestershire College

  • Great to look at data without numbers.

Itchen College

  • Eye opening!

Kendal College

  • Definitely will introduce volatile indicators to catch learners who are faltering earlier!


  • Valuable insight from a very experienced inspector and teacher.

New College Nottingham

  • Viewing data as indicators is great.


  • ‘After hearing about Volatile Indicators from my PTM, I decided to experiment with some ideas for our new Creative Writing A Level. There are two indicators, a tumblr share page for inspirations and the practice that we all bring the book we’re reading to class and put it on the table in front of us. The tumblr page is used for images, quotes from texts we’re reading, ideas for writing or things overheard in the world that could be used for dialogue or whatever else the student feels is inspiring! The books we bring are discussed, with passages read out in class. The teacher is required to be involved in these activities too. Both of these are checked each week (once out of three sessions), sometimes with discussion or with writing tasks linked to the tumblr posts or reading. There are the expected benefits of being able to see who is involved in the course at this level. I have been able to catch a particular student ‘drifting away’ and get her involved again through these indicators. There are the pragmatic implications that Creative Writing students have to be curious about the use of language and ideas around them and that they should be reading so these indicators communicate part of the ethos of the course.’    Andrew Zincke, NewVIc

Northern Ireland learning and skills providers

  • Like a chocolate bar. We took the wrapping off to get all the good stuff inside.

North Warwickshire & Leicestershire College

  • Thank you, an opportunity to shift culture and start change.

People 1st (Northern Ireland)

  • So much will now change.

Portsmouth College

  • Really enjoyable session and kept me curious!

Protocol skills

  • Opportunity to think outside the box.

Rutledge Job Link

  • Finally, breaking through barriers to deliver a session which speaks volumes over and above the general quality assistance received in the past.

South Downs College

  • Someone asked, on my return, whether the training session was good and I replied “Brilliant!” – then they asked what it was about and I was as surprised as they were when I replied “Data and SAR!”

St. Vincent College

  • As a new curriculum manager, the ideas to inspire the dept. and new students are exciting.

Totton College

  • Congratulations for making data interesting!
  • This is embarrassingly simple and understandable.

Walsall College

  • I remain inspired by the workshop you ran.

Workforce Training (NI)

  • Tony’s enthusiasm for the subject was easy to soak up.

York College

  • Like stepping off the merry-go-round long enough to see what it could be like.

Yorkshire Coast College

  • Leopards can change their spots and become interested in data.



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