Equality and diversity

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Canterbury College

  • You can teach an old dog new tricks
  • Broke the area down effectively and made it appear much more manageable
  • Good easy ways to embed E&D
  • Too short, but gave an insight into this vast area
  • Watching the sun rise
  • I will ensure questioning in the class is addressed by all staff
  • Really great info for me to take back and share with my team
  • It made me evaluate what we currently do in the section. made me think about questioning
  • Enlightening
  • Highly recommended for wider teaching team
  • Opening of the mind
  • Took some of the fear away

Croydon College

  • It has changed my way of thinking about E&D
  • Good to have a session which is active and literally using the strategies which it is teaching
  • Enjoyable and engaging – will refer to Quality Standard in particular
  • A journey through the keyhole of insightfulness
  • A great variety of interesting activities
  • I will consider every aspect of how I deliver and how it impacts upon learners

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

  • Thought provoking. Just turned the binoculars around!!
  • Start with what I want to achieve BEFORE I plan what I will do!
  • Extremely useful, thank you
  • Mind expanding
  • Take time out to think before doing
  • Crossed the carpet, feeling different by the other side
  • Super empowering
  • Give learners the confidence and vocabulary to bring out their opinions
  • Interesting and daunting


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