Inspiring Induction Practices

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Boston College

  • I feel that the session has provided me with a new perspective on induction. Because of the ‘tick off the checklist’ type induction that is usually run, induction has always felt like something to be endured before the ‘real’ stuff begins. This session has made me realise that an (extended) induction period can be crucial in helping learners.

Burton and South Derbyshire College

  • Feeling inspired about induction.
  • A new way of looking at things that is very much needed. This is how my mind works anyway. I really hope it sparks a change in others.
  • Always great learning from you Tony.

Central Bedfordshire College

  • Like Alice falling into the rabbit hole.
  • Eye opening. Shook up my ideas for creating engaging and stimulating induction activities.
  • I think today went really well and I got insight into things that I did not consider before.
  • It was amazing day for me!

Chesterfield College

  • An inspirational session this morning! Thank you. I took my induction idea to the JOYFE ideas room tonight and explored it further with a group from around the country! Watch this space?‍♂‍we are collaborating across colleges?
  • Like sailing out across the ocean.
  • Will be disseminating this Friday – the team who attended were really buzzing… fingers crossed.

City College Peterborough

  • By creating a Gold Quality Standard which provides learners with an outstanding experience which sets the scene for the rest of their journey with the College. Consider how to ensure evaluations are based on the ‘differences’ and not ‘the stuff’. Providing our ‘formula for happiness’.

East Coast College

  • Waking up from a deep sleep. I feel inspired.
  • ‘From prison to freedom.’
  • [I need to] Think more about what I want the learner to ‘look’ like after induction. What difference do I want to make..?

Greenhead College

  • Many thanks Tony. Lots to reflect upon.
  • Thought the emphasis on the ‘extended’ induction was great as all too often, we get through the initial enrolment and move on without sufficient reflection from a learner viewpoint.

Hopwood Hall College

  • This was an amazing session. We have now written our own quality induction standard. So inspiring and informative.

Hull College

  • Thank you Tony for a fantastic session, given me a lot of food for thought going forward 🙂
  • Ideas are raining like cats and dogs.
  • As an organisation we must be led by how we want our learners to be different as a result of induction, rather than compliance of checklist activities that have limited or negative impact.

JTL Training

  • A melting pot of creativity.
  • I feel this has helped me challenge my perceptions of what induction should look like and will enable me to breathe life into future inductions.
  • Ensure more inspirational learner involvement. I might change EVERYTHING! Actually…I was already going to, but now it has MUCH better focus!

Lakes College

  • [I need to] Redesign the induction process using a ‘zone experience’.
  • Please come back – we need more of these sessions.
  • [I need to] Completely rethink induction – big inter-department project between construction and engineering??

Leicester College

  • The flames of inspiration shot up faster than a trio of lightning bolts.
  • I don’t directly deliver as I am a contract manager for our sub-contractors but this has been useful and inspirational and will enable me to provide our sub-contractors with ideas and understanding.

Lifelong Learning & Skills

  • Somersaults. The thrill and excitement of doing something a bit different that brings rewards.
    I very much like to turn things on their head and get out of old thinking!

Lincoln College

  • Fantastic session. Superbly facilitated Tony. Thank you.

Loughborough College

  • Inspirational
  • I want to make our distance learners feel part of something bigger than completing their short 12-16 week course.


  • Unlike ‘footprints in the sand’, this will hopefully stay in my brain!
  • One of the first training courses that kept my interest throughout!
  • A twisting, green-slimy feeling of guilt and abject excitement.

Nottingham College

  • That we need to work as a team to agree on quality standards and steer clear of an ‘induction checklist’.
  • I really like the idea of an extended induction in terms of planning for an event in week 8.
  • If I want students to have high aspirations I need mine to be higher too.

NPTC Group of Colleges

  • A journey on which the fog was lifting with every mile travelled, unveiling exciting new ideas that were there all along.
  • I need to be far more creative during induction!
  • Think bigger!

Preston’s College

  • [We need to] Make the boring stuff unforgettable.
  • Making us think differently.
  • Realisation of truth.
  • For visual and performing arts [I’d like to develop] a festival of remembrance with British Values and Prevent themes embedded.

Skills and Education Group 

  • Confirmation that there should be ambition in the planning of induction during unique circumstances.
  • The idea of wanting to bring about change in an individual rather than merely ticking off a checklist of activities. Interesting to consider how we see ‘outstanding’ and how this can adjust how well we evaluate what we do…

Solihull College and University Centre

  • Happy, excited to change.
  • A fresh breeze let through a stuffy house. Really refreshing.
  • Jaded to Jazzed.
  • I feel empowered to take control of induction.

Weston College

  • I am going to use the quality standards and ask curriculum to plan what exceptional looks like for their targets SKB’s.

Windsor Forest Colleges Group

  • Clearing of the fog.

Wirral Metropolitan College

  • Especially the bit about taking the worst bit and making it the best.
  • The sandcastle analogy was really good. Changed my view.
  • It was mind blowing.

York College

  • Extremely inspiring session


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