Tools for Online Engagement & Blended Learning

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Access Creative College

  • Absorbing, Factual and Useful…not always the case with CPD.

Bolton College

  • I really enjoyed learning about some new resources, but the main thing for me was relating it to the pedagogy. It will make me think more about WHY I am using a resource and what I want my learners to get out of it, rather than simply a ‘have they remembered what they have learned?’ scenario.
  • We have been provided with a wealth of resources and ‘how-to’ sheets which means I have all the support I need to be able to experiment with what I have learned.
  • I aspire to be as fab a teacher as Tony – it’s not all about coming on to learn new things…it’s about watching a fab teacher in action and picking up on the way he does it in order to improve my own delivery.

B-Skill Limited

  • It was fantastic to see them being used throughout the session as well as having the opportunity to have a go. Throughout the session I have taken ideas and jotted these down about how these could be implemented within the sessions. I really liked the fact that tools were listed in order of difficultly from easiest to most complex. Some staff have a reluctance to changes towards technology based teaching and I am going to introduce these tools from easiest to hardest to make their experience more positive and help them develop confidence that they can incorporate technology into their sessions.
  • Fantastic engaging session and this has enabled me to reflect on my own service and how this can be developed, thank you.

Cogent Skills

  • I am a technological space tourist. I have travelled through numerous technologies that were unknown to me at the start of session. Very worthwhile.
  • It is not just the technology that will be different, it will reasoning behind them that will be more prominent. Pre-learning for instance, will play a bigger role and with that the technology that you have taught.

D H Associates

  • I can get distracted when listening, but I felt today’s session kept me engaged at all times.
  • It’s a meal worth waiting for.
  • The Lightbulb Moment, was able to see how these tools can be used for 1:1 learning.
  • Will help with pre learning, interactive learning within the session and post learning to ensure continual progression and readiness for EPA.
  • I have used whiteboards when completing teaching before but I have never used it in the ways shown today.
  • Yes, for sure! I will definitely try and use some of the new platforms to help increase engagement and interaction.
  • I will definitely be downloading the how to guides to remind me how to complete certain tasks.
  • I like to make my sessions as interactive as I can and these tools will definitely help me to do this. Thank you!

Halton Borough Council

  • ‘Learning is like a search for hidden treasure!’ This session for me gave a whole plethora of treasures for engagement and bringing learning and pedagogy to life through digital means both for in class and learning remotely.
  • Being guided to the valuable objects in a cluttered and overflowing storage room.
  • It Cut the Mustard.
  • Yes! It is having the guides and practical chance to play with the difference tools and options.
  • Gosh yes totally. Some superb resources that I can see being used regularly. It takes time to find all these resources so I am very appreciative of the work that has been put in for us.
  • Tony is very personable, supportive and has such strong knowledge that explanations are clear. His passion shines through which helps to engage and motivate delegates, even in scorching heat!!!
  • The session was very good and from a delivery point of view outstanding. The experience could have been better if the handouts had been downloaded in advance (I would make this even more clear next time around!) and there were some issues with confidence/equipment that were handled with patience and grace!

Hereford College of Arts

  • This was such a great session. Really refreshing to have such high level training that was generous, practical and learner focused.
  • A smorgasbord of healthy teaching and learning resources.
  • A very positive and energising training session that gave me the drive to apply my learning and make one change at a time. Delivered with intelligence, empathy and inclusiveness.

Innovative Alliance

  • Chomping at the bit now to put new learning into practice. Very inspirational session!
  • Like a swan above the water and a motorboat underneath…
  • It has given me a pleather of ideas to take away and improve our online offer in our organisation.
  • I feel you have given me a wealth of knowledge and resources now to go away and engage with and train my team to improve the learner experience.

Lincoln College International

  • Lots of food for thought as usual!!
  • Every week I’m planning to test 2 tools from the session to not overwhelm students.
  • The session supports my thoughts around the importance of ‘social presence’ (and backs up the research out there) and ‘investment and payoff’. There are so many tools to use but they should only be used if they enhance the learning (pedagogy pedigree – fabulous term and now in my repertoire!!) not technology for technology sake.
  • I enjoyed it thoroughly, as I am always looking at ways to upskill myself. In today’s session, I was shown so many options I can use in my lessons and I’m excited to try them all.

Liverpool Adult Learning Service

  • Both sessions really inspiring.
  • Provided me with an opportunity to recap on technologies and previous CPD I have already engaged in and used and evaluate how to use them more effectively. Gave me the motivational push I needed to re-invigorate teaching, assessment learning and inspire educators to do the same. As a service we are using Teams/Office 365 so I am interested in how we can use the tools already available in Teams to develop highly effective online learning.

NPTC Consortium of Work-based Providers

  • Tony has such a gift in making you feel inspired and motivated to try out his suggestions. Can’t think of a metaphor today but in the words of Winnie the Pooh “But what if I fall?” “Yes but what if you fly?”
  • I loved how its given me a new view on teaching the same sorts of subjects but now it can be done in different ways making it feel less repetitive.
  • Great pace, direction and content. I have attended many sessions over my training career of 22 years and have found these to be the most engaging and interesting since my original training to become an assessor/Trainer in late 2000. Thank you!
    Inspiring – has given me the confidence to explore different techniques.
  • Absolutely outstanding, really challenged preconceived ideas on learning and evidence gathering
    very informative, easy tool to use, feeling more confident to explore tool for blended learning.
    Good session sharing tools for online learning.
  • Great to see new technologies and stimulated by the ideas.
  • Thinking of how the learner feels, how to improve learning for all learners. I have already booked a day in with my colleagues to look at Blendspace and wiki and make use of it.

NPTC Group of Colleges

  • A melting pot of useful tools.
  • My brain is a bed of blossoming seeds.
  • ‘The past doesn’t equal the future’
  • Discovering new technology is like getting a parcel that you can’t remember ordering.
  • I think it has given me so many new ways to prep and engage with my learners. I think Blendspace will create a great pre learning for my learners.

Quest Training

  • Fantastic session, lots to take away and have a try at making resources and sessions with. I just need extra days in my week to try them all.

Retrofit Academy

  • We can do a lot more to make our presentations and courses engaging for the learners, catering for different abilities and learning styles.
  • Useful tools. Great that they are all free.

Sefton Community Learning Service

  • It’s like someone has opened the curtains in a dark room and I can see the light.
  • Feel 100% more confident in using technology that is new to me.
  • Tony you’re inspiring – this session has impacted on me greatly and I can’t wait to start implementing what I have learnt today when I cascade this to tutors (after further practise). Well and truly taken out of my comfort zone – thank you.

Southport College

  • This was an excellent session – very interactive and has given me lots of good ideas for things I can implement in my own teaching as well as cascade to the rest of the group.

St Helens Chamber

  • Learning is the spark that starts the flame.
  • I will be using Blendspace (QR Codes) and inputting pre-learning sessions. I will also be using breakout rooms during my online sessions.
  • Tony provides resources and how-to guides which are the most likely areas of support I would need which is great.
  • Excellent session, allowed me to interact and gain inspiration from other providers. Thank you very much, will definitely be recommending.


  • Very engaging session with lots of resources/information and valuable IAG provided by Tony regarding tools for online engagement. Definitely will make me reflect and review this going forward.
  • Fountain of knowledge and new information. Looking forward to trying Prezi video on zoom.


  • I was originally daunted by the thought of a 3.5 hour session but the time passed more enjoyably and easily than other much shorter training sessions that I have attended, as the sessions were interesting and engaging. They were well put together, skilfully delivered and very useful. Thank you.
  • It opened my mind to the options available and just how much more creative online learning can be. I feel as I have been provided with some tools to venture out and explore further. I also need to look at my current practice as a curriculum manager and determine what steps I need to take to start incorporating some of these new ideas and promoting them with staff.
  • I need to build on the knowledge I have gained in this session by spending time with the different technology options we covered. In particular Prezi and wikis are completely new for me and I would love to be proficient with these.

Wirral Metropolitan College

  • Eye Opening, what a fantastic session.
  • I will try to embed pre-learning and also involve follow up after training sessions a lot more.

Workforce Training Services

  • Teaching is gardening.
  • In my new role I will be able to use the tools I gained in the session to disseminate to other staff with the hope of improving teaching and learning across the organisation.


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