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Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council

  • I like the idea of helping learners to fly.

Blackpool Adult Learning Service

  • The difference between being locked on a rigid train track with a single destination and a scenic, pleasurable journey where the details on the way are just as important.

Bolton College

  •  A road map to outstanding.

City College Coventry

  • I really love the idea of differentiation I learnt today. I will apply it.
  • An eye opener on what we could do better.

Hills Road College

  • Highly stimulating.
  • Clarified the notion of considering the IMPACT that process can make and that all discussions and interviews should be conducted with positive change in mind.

Lancashire Adult Learning

  • Brilliant start and excellent examples.

Newbubbles (open event)

  • The use of data is especially interesting and something I will encourage colleagues to look at, as is the quality standard.
  • Inspired by leader’s passion for developing education.
  • Enlightened by Tony’s passion for the subject.

Newcastle College

  • Some fantastic guidance which is transferable within my role.
  • Your visit has been like a breath of fresh air, and because you come from Ofsted it was exactly your opinions people needed to hear!
  • It was like eating a sprout – I like sprouts, they are good for you, but not everyone gets them.

Northern College

  • I will create more space to develop the story/narrative, to develop the context of the tutorial.

Preston’s College

  • Mega lightbulb moment 🙂
  • Loved the session. Helped me to think about how to get my review process to be outstanding.

Solihull College and University Centre

  • Insightful. I want to put these new skills into practice.
  • Our review paperwork is clearly not fit for purpose.

South Downs College

  • Another excellent session. I experienced another session which was led by Tony many years ago. One of the very few I have remembered!!
  • A candle being lit.

The Learning Foundry

  • Like the barn door being opened and being let out into the sunny meadow.
  • How to set a scene, ask questions without being too intrusive. Getting info without putting words in [learners’] mouths.

West Cheshire College

  • (We need to) standardise this practice throughout the college.

West Thames College

  • Target setting on its head.
  • I love the way Tony always turns things upside down and inside out and makes me think outside the box.



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