Perfecting Progress Reviews

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In this Thursday’s open, online training session, we’re going to be taking a forensic look at Progress Reviews. One delegate summed up the session by say it “identified that progress reviews will be a cultural change and not a procedural change”. Couldn’t have said it better.

When you’re next surfing inspection reports, sharpen your antennae for judgements on Progress Reviews. You may well find that there are a significant number of weaknesses on this themes, few strengths, and, well.. have you ever seen a judgement of ‘outstanding’?

I think there’s a few good reasons for this. The first is that for some qualifications, awarding bodies set out what should ‘happen’ in a review. From this, quality managers create an audit document so that they can observe a review and tick boxes that shows the review was done correctly. But this turns the review into nothing more than a procedure.

A second reason is that reviewers/tutorial leads are often time-poor; they’ve far too many learners to get through and not enough time. The result can be that the reviewer leads the review, making the learner passive. Here’s a great phrase to put this into context: ‘The one who speaks the most thinks it went the best’. So who should speak the most?

This all helps us get under the skin of what we’ll be looking at on Thursday, March 9th. More details here: We’ll begin by setting out exactly how you want your learners to be different as a result of the reviews, then we’ll move on to what needs to be done in order to achieve your ideal difference.

I spent a lot of time preparing the resources for this session, including filming a real review. We’ll be using this film to deconstruct the work of the reviewer, continually asking ourselves to be specific about the difference that’s been made as a result of each question and conversation. Here are a few more comments from previous delegates:

  • ‘It tore up some of the old myths around what used to be a good progress review.’ Nottingham College
  • ‘I am bubbling with excitement for my reviews. Reviews are the most powerful tool we have to empower a leaner and raise the standard.’ Solihull College
  • ‘It’s my mission to improve the way in which I approach the review process.’ NPTC Work-based provider

Do please join us if you can and tag any of your colleagues who might be interested, and/or share with your own networks if you’re able.

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