Do I have to write learning outcomes for all of my lessons?

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Tomorrow, I’ll be working with a lovely bunch of providers from across the Liverpool region on ‘Tools for Online Engagement’, some of which centre on ‘pre-learning’. You know what I mean? Learners turn up to your lesson curious to know more, maybe provoked a little, but also with a good sense of the learning journey they’re about to embark on. In other words, with an ‘Emotional Learning State’ conducive to embracing your content.

If you’re interested in exploring pre-learning, or any of these topics (Tools for online engagement, and/or writing ‘Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning’) then do please take this very short quiz and see if it works for you.

By the way, this ‘Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning’ session fully models around 10 of the ‘Tools’ we’ll be exploring tomorrow. So while tomorrow is a closed session, you’re very welcome to join us this Friday, and then again on April 26th..

More information can be found here:

And the quiz can be found here:

Do feel free to share this quiz with anyone else you might feel is interested in exploring pre-learning. #UKfechat #FEchat #education #learning #onlinelearning


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