Improve your Zoom quick tip #1

In face-to-face land, when you talk to someone you tend to look at them; not constantly, that would be weird, but generally. But if you looked off to one side all of the time… well, that really would be weird!

In Zoom-land, we’re in great danger of simply accepting being weird all of the time because of one simple issue: the webcam is never in the right position, so we’re always looking off to one side. But there is a simple solution to replicate the warmth of the face-to-face chat – at least for those of us with ‘floating’ webcams.

The ideal position for your camera to allow you to look at someone’s face is pretty much right over their face. As you can see in the picture, this is really easy to do with separate cameras, as you simply wrap the lead around the body of the camera and dangle it over your screen. I tend to position mine just above their eyes. The only additional ‘engineering’ needed is a bulldog clip to hold the wound-up lead together and act as a counterbalance behind your monitor, and a small piece of blu tack (stuck to a piece of paper to protect you screen). The blu tack is used to get the angle of the camera just right.

And that’s it!

PS  Always aim to get your eyes in the top third of the screen, otherwise you end up looking like Chad peering over a wall..


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