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Have you ever seen the Ofsted/Estyn/EducationScotland/ETI inspection sentence: ‘It’s too early to judge the impact of this new initiative’? If you’ve had it written in your own report, you’ll know just how annoying it can be to have a huge swathe of your quality improvement work damned with this one-liner. That it’s never too early to judge impact, makes it all the more frustrating.

In this week’s open workshop – Perfecting Development Plan Writing – we’ll be looking at what it is about your writing that enables the inspectorate to dismiss your efforts with such apparent ease and prevent the positive impact on your grades. And, of course, we’ll also look at how to prevent inspectors from ever writing their ‘opt out punchline’ in any of your future reports.

The inspectorates aside, as we enter arguably the hottest season for development planning, we’ll also look at some of the other ever-common trip hazards that can prevent quality-improvement plans from working their magic.

Here’s an easy test you can do to check how your own report is shaping up. Do you have any of these types of inciting comments in the left-hand column of your report? Poor retention rates, poor pass rates, poor achievement of high grades, poor value added, poor attendance, etc. If you do, you may well benefit from the work we’ll be doing on Friday afternoon. You may even find that the way you write these starting points can, ironically, prevent you from achieving your goals.

Do join us if you can at 13:00 on Friday October 1st in Zoomland for a provocative look at development planning. And do please share this post, or tag people in the comments who might find this session valuable. It may confirm that you’re doing a great job, or it may highlight exactly what you need to do next.

Full details can be found here:, and a selection of feedback to give you an idea of the session’s impact can be found here: Here are a few of my favourites:

‘I wish I had known this sooner.’ Buxton & Leek College
‘Like arriving at the top of a mountain to finally get the most fantastic view.’ Hull College
‘The little boy has his finger in the hold, but he needs to rebuild the dyke!’ York College

Hope you can join us. Best wishes


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