The 5 major issues that will stop your SAR working its magic

Years ago, when I took over management of the inspection Nominee training events, I introduced a post-it exercise which simply asked: ‘What are you most worried about?’ (Obviously, we’re still talking inspection here..) The answer was immediately clear: self assessment.

The job of the Preparing for Inspection (P4Is) events was important and rewarding – to make sure providers weren’t tripped up by the process of inspection. So in the next round of events, we started our first attempts at self-assessment training – which, I’ll be honest, were more rhetoric than useful. Do you remember that phrase we as inspectors used all of the time: ‘It doesn’t matter about the format you choose, as long as your process improves provision’? Trouble is, this phrase only works if the format you’ve chosen is good. I’ll say more on this in a moment.

After running the SAR session over a number of months, I remember saying to my colleague: ‘It’s equally interesting and frustrating that everyone seems to make the same mistakes when writing their SAR’. That’s when my Eureka moment hit. All I had to do was come up with a simple way of describing the issues and get delegates to realise why they were happening. With their new ‘lens’ they could then evaluate whether or not their SAR was fit for purpose ‘before’ the inspectors rocked up on the Monday morning.

And sadly, that session is as relevant today as it was back in 2006. People are still making the same 5 mistakes and still for the same reasons. But once you know what they are, you can’t unsee them.

Turns out that inspectors were wrong: the format of your SAR is extremely important.

Do join us on Tuesday June 8th at 09:00 in Zoomland, and do please share this with anyone you feel may benefit.

And if you bring along your own SAR you’ll find out if you’re allowing it to work its magic.

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