The Art of Using Target Setting – March 9th

On Wednesday afternoon, we’ll be looking at The Art of Using Target Setting. I know, I know, who ‘wants’ to attend yet another session on SMART?! However, I’d like to think that this one is different.

That word – ‘different’ – is really important in this context; as the good Mr Einstein rightly proclaimed: ‘Madness is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results’. Yet isn’t that what we so often see with training on target setting; the rehashing of the same approach, and declaiming: ‘It has to be SMART!’? But if after repeated ‘smart’ training you’re still not happy with your own/your teachers’/your learners’ ability to produce well-written targets, then something needs to change.

My hypothesis is almost heresy in some quarters: that it’s the over-pushing of the S word that’s at the root of the problem..

And it only takes a few minutes for my hypothesis to be proved right. I simply asked delegates to take a letter of the acronym and set down the issues is causes. Within minutes, I have a wiki full of every reason why SMART isn’t.

All you have to do to find the right approach is to ask: ‘What impact do I want to have with my target setting?’ I’ll wager no one would answer: ‘So that my IV will be happy’. Surely, the impact we want is for every learner to wholeheartedly roll up their sleeves in such a way that they can effectively project manage their next period of study.

And if you’d like to see target setting from a different perspective, then do please join us this Wednesday, March 9th at 1pm. Do please tag any of your colleagues who might be interested, or share with your own networks. Booking details can be found here:

Here’s just a few of my favourite wonderfully-off-the-wall feedback comments:

  • ‘Watching a favourite film which has never been remastered in colour. I can now see the screens properly.’ Blackpool Adult Learning Service
  • ‘It was like finding a beautifully grained piece of timber.’ Bolton College
  • ‘Bacteria to amoeba to fish to lizard to dinosaur to bird.’ Chesterfield College
  • ‘Blinkers – removed.’ Coleg Cambria
  • ‘The journey to the centre of the Earth.’ Hopwood Hall College
  • ‘It’s soooooo interesting, enjoyable and engaging. Loved it.’ Liverpool Adult Learning Service

Hope you can join us. Thanks for reading.

Best wishes


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