The dependable rock in their turbulent world

Today, one of my delegates gave a beautiful answer to one of my questions.

The group was talking about the reasons a learner may find it difficult to concentrate, but I wouldn’t allow the debate to focus on external, social or domestic issues. The debate was great and the reasons given were incisive. At the end, I asked the group why they thought I’d choreographed the debate away from external factors.

My reasoning is that too many front-line staff try to legitimise underperformance because of factors outside of their control. One of today’s delegates put it far more beautifully though:

“When a learner walks through our door, they should be able, and encouraged, to leave life’s baggage behind. They should be allowed and helped and inspired to grow into the person they want to be. We should become the dependable rock in their turbulent world.”

Are your colleagues too quick to blame elements outside of their control?

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